Welcome to the Oakdale-Riverbank-Escalon (ORE) Branch of AAUW

The Oakdale-Riverbank-Escalon Branch (ORE), founded in 1962, is committed to the educational, cultural and environmental improvement of our area as well as our world. We offer thought-provoking programs, varied interest groups and the opportunity to socialize with a diverse group of educated, interesting women. We share a common commitment to continued learning, women’s issues and community betterment. Our common mission in AAUW is to break through barriers for women and girls. Our branch’s primary function is to support and mentor young girls from our community, beginning in junior high with Tech Trek and continuing through high school and college.
Our membership base draws from the three Central Valley towns – Oakdale (population 22,936), Riverbank (population 24,482) and Escalon (population 13,657).  There are no barriers to membership based on gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. We are privileged to share membership in the National AAUW and the California AAUW communities.

Current Events – 2023

2023-24 Board, Sharon Hawley-Crum, Zoe Kilkenny, Judy Kropp, Leah Silvestre-Franklin, Teri Curtis, Carolyn O’Neal

Oakdale Rescue Mission – Pamela Kelly, Thursday, December 14th, 7:00 P.M.

Members, guests and prospective members in the Oakdale, Riverbank, or Escalon area are invited to attend this 7:00 P.M. on site – online meeting.   Call Judy at (209) 480-0387  or email tcjake15@gmail.com for location or other information.  

Pamela Kelly

Socks, winter gloves, beanies, heavy duty backpacks, gift cards for Starbucks or Jack in the Box are all items individuals can donate to the Oakdale Rescue Mission to help support their clients. These articles are welcome year round, but are appreciated even more when the holidays roll around. Who are the clients of the Oakdale Rescue Mission you may wonder? According to Pamela Kelly, one of the Mission’s founders and longtime volunteer and board director, the clients primarily are homeless individuals or those at risk of being homeless, but they also include families who are concerned about their child, grandchild, spouse or parent who might be living on the street or in the park or in their car. On Thursday, December 14th Ms. Kelly will talk to our Branch about the Oakdale Rescue Mission, it’s work, goals and needs and how individuals and groups can assist it or get involved. Attendees are encouraged to bring a donation such as items mentioned above.

Pamela Kelly has lived in Oakdale for 20 years.  Her experience as an Oakdale Police volunteer for twelve years led to the founding of the Oakdale Rescue Mission. She states: “ This experience has contributed to our homeless outreach efforts being different than many homeless advocates – we care as much about our Oakdale community as we do about the homeless.  My personal desire and ORM’s vision is to benefit every aspect of our community.”

Ms. Kelly has been in education and related social services for over 40 years, during which time she was both a teacher to children and adults and director/administrator of programs. Before her retirement in 2010, she worked for San Joaquin County Office of Education for over 12 years, as the Admissions and Records Coordinator and adjunct faculty for Teachers College of San Joaquin. Her education includes: an associate’s degree in early childhood education; a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science; and a master’s degree in human development.

 Individuals wishing to learn more about AAUW and our ORE Branch can email our Membership VP, Judy at JudyKropp40@gmail.com for information.  


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